Sports Performance Training:
Get access to training that maximizes your full potential by using customized formulas powered by Velocity Sports Performance for speed, strength, and fitness that are proven to work by elite athletes around the world. We’ll help you take the guesswork out of your training and get you on the fast track to success!

Our programs specialize in building total body strength, athleticism and refining functional movement skills whether you’re a starting a new workout program, competitive to pro athlete or a career driven adult looking for a solid workout routine.


Hockey Training: 

Goal-Line Performance aims to improve and build the skills of every hockey player by helping them train all skill zones off the ice from shooting to stick-handling and hockey specific performance training.

In order to play the game at a high level, each player needs to cover all training aspects, “goal-line to goal-line”.

With stick skill training, stick technology and athletic performance at an all-time high, GLP provides the off-ice training necessary to supplement on-ice training for every player to practice all skill zones to maximize on ice performance with one-on-one, clinic, full programs, camp and team training with a staff that not only knows who to train like a hockey player, but has the experience!

Join GLP today and start Training Like A Hockey Player!